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Welcome to the World of Mrs Wright

Maddison, Maddi, Madds, Madd or as my husband Lloyd likes to say “Maddog.” I’m grateful to my parents for giving me a name that can be abbreviated in so many different ways; so Australian.  Unlike my twin Brother who is shortly named, Jack.

Most recently though, I have never heard my name said so much and by so many people I’ve never met before.

It’s really weird but expected after putting my life on national television in last years ‘House Rules’ show where the whole country came to know me as “Maddi and Lloyd.”

Yes for the past 12months, myself and the hubby came as a package deal, you couldn’t say one without the other.  And often people get disappointed to meet me when Lloyds not with me (I mean I would too, he’s pretty ridiculous).


Which probably adds to why I am starting a blog; apart from the fact that I think I have some brilliant stuff to say, it’s about re-establishing the REAL me again and sharing some experiences that I have been/going through.

Some things you may not know about me; I am a tertiary qualified journalist, having worked in radio and media industries for over 10 years.  One of my first gigs as a journo was covering Noosa’s Lawn Bowls championships.  Mum was proud.

I can’t spell very well and often have poor grammer.  I am half Australian, half Serbian.  I do have a twin brother, and NO we are not identical (you’ll be surprised at how many people ask me this question).

I go to the gym or do crossfit to relax; I don’t believe in diets BUT do believe in eating right. Much to my mother’s dismay, I don’t read very often and wish I did.  I have my own business – Hypoxi Studio Cairns – which I am launching this year, STAY TUNED.  If I walk past someone rattling a tin for charity, I ALWAYS give.  I never sweat the small stuff, I used to and it was too draining.

Mum Moments

Last night I broke down and said to my husband that I feel ‘worthless.’ I’m…

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