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Mum Moments

Last night I broke down and said to my husband that I feel ‘worthless.’ I’m 29, I have two businesses, am building a new house, have a healthy and happy 6 month old baby and a supportive husband BUT I still feel worthless.

Boobs and Bot

A few people have asked me about my breastfeeding experience.  As a first-time mum, I went into this thinking ‘how hard can it be?! Don’t you just put the kid on your nip and bobs-your-uncle?!” haha oh how I was SO wrong.  Breastfeeding is one of the hardest things, physically and mentally, that I have […]

F*ck We’re Lucky

7 weeks ago I gave birth to our little boy Carter. It was and is the most surreal feeling ever.  It’s been a really hard 7weeks with the poor bugger and us trying to figure out his tummy problems but what’s been incredibly easy is loving him.

a love like no other

When I was in the last few weeks of pregnancy I loved reading blogs and chatting to people about their labour experience. Each experience is so unique and I was terrified leading up to my D day. Knowing that at any moment you are going to experience one of the most painful things that can […]

Teeny tips for new born bubs

I’m counting down the days until this chubby wubby bub pops out and it feels like the days are getting longer. Nearly every day I have someone say to me ‘better enjoy your sleep now while you still can,’ and it actually makes me roll my eyes. I’ve put on 17kg, I have the bladder […]

My Fave Finds

Apart from my hubby my absolute favorite things in life (things I can’t live without) include the following: Pink lippy: during the filming of House Rules I was lucky enough to be able to hook up with an awesome Aussie company that produces natural mineral make up to produce a pink lipstick.I often get asked […]

Stuff Nobody Tells You Before You Get Knocked Up

Google is my pregnancy library.  I literally google everything. Google knows me so well now that even when I play Pandora music it stops to give me breast feeding advertisements.  Cheers googes. I thought it would be amusing to write down some of the questions I have typed into google over the last 8months…I’m sure […]

North Queensland’s own Reno Rumble

At 32 weeks pregnant I finally got around to getting bubs room ready. I teamed up with ex channel 9 Block contestant, Jesse Mountford to deck out little Wrights nursery. Across the border in Townsville, Jesse owns a Mum & Bub lifestyle boutique store called My Handsome and does online orders for Cairns residents. I […]

Reality RULES

To watch or not to watch.  A question I have received quite a lot lately is “are you watching the new House Rules?” The answer is yes…a little bit. After being a contestant in a reality TV show, I now find it really hard to watch.  I know what goes on behind the scenes and […]

A Body of Surprises

I realise that this blog has now turned into a preggo blog; its been hard to find anything else to write about when a human has taken inhabitance in my stomach. I’m on the home stretch at 30weeks and still each week I’m discovering disturbing things out about my body. Last week it was my […]