My Beauty Must Haves

There are a few things in life that I swear by, one is the saying ‘never take life too seriously’ and the others are a few little tricks like these:

Bio-Oil: pre-pregnancy I put this on my neck and chest before bed. Whilst pregnant, I now use this over my entire body.  Lloyd is getting used to sleeping next to a seal. It’s also great to take make-up off with using a wet one.

Paw Paw Ointment: like most people, I have a tube of this in every handbag, each car, and most draws in the house. Before bed I put this on my lips and around my eyes. I’m convinced it will give me Angelina Jolie lips when I wake up…

Rich Dad, Poor Dad: this is my absolute favorite book and I have bought a copy for most of my mates. I live by the financial philosophies in this book and it’s opened my mind into thinking differently about my financial future. I definitely recommended this read!

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Styling to Sell

Before House Rules, Lloyd and I had no idea what styling even meant.  At that stage all we had were two bean bags and a mattress in our ‘shabby retro’ lounge room. We used ottomans as bedside tables and garbage bags as a wardrobe shelves in our bedroom… It was a humble little abode.

After taking on the challenge of renovating 5 houses, 1 unit and two backyards, our styling apprenticeship was complete.

When we went to sell, we learnt a few more tips from our Real Estate Agent, Keyes & Co, about styling to sell.  We’ve never sold a house before and it was interesting learning about what buyers look for and what little changes you can make to help your house look its best:

Tip 1:  De-personalize.  Take down and put away all your family photos, trinkets, collectables, kids drawings/paintings etc. Sounds harsh but when people are walking through your home during open homes, they want to picture themselves living there not see your giant wedding photo hanging above the bed.

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The World’s Longest Hangover

So I had this perfect idea about what my pregnancy would be like. I was going to be one of pregnant ladies that were in the gym 5 days a week and eating fruit salad for every meal. For me, gym, crossfit, Hypoxi, walking the dog and any form of exercise is my absolute relaxation – it’s my getaway.

It’s my happy place.

But 5 weeks into my pregnancy I got sick, really sick. I had what they call morning sickness; which is a bullsh*it term as it is not just subject to the morning – it’s morning, midday, afternoon, evening, midnight and every minute in between.

It’s different for everyone but for me this “morning” sickness includes vomiting at least once per day, sometimes up to 7 times, feeling nauseous and tired every second of the day AND often developing headaches. It feels EXACTLY like a bad hang-over. A hang over that never ends.

I remember watching movies with pregnant ladies on them and they would rush off mid scene because of morning sickness, and I used to think ‘surely that only lasts a couple days.’ Fast forward 10 weeks later and I still have 24hours a day, 7 days a week sickness. BUT there is a little hope; I’ve learnt some little tricks and tips to cope with the sickness better.

They may not work for everyone but they definitely helped me:

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a rat on a wheel

There’s a million and one blogs out there and this one will just add to that pile. But I am writing this to get things off my chest; to write things down that keep me up at night and maybe connect with others who feel and think the same things. It’s not about getting answers, it’s just about thoughts on digital paper with no intentions other than to get them out of my head.

I’m 28years old and have just been through the biggest years of my life and it feels like it went by in the blink of an eye. It’s scary to think that over a quarter of my life is already up (assuming I live to the ripe ol age of 100 – which is what I intend to do). In the last 12 months I (not bragging, just putting it all down to catch up those who don’t know me):

  • Became a rat on a wheel of the nation’s highest rating reality TV show, opening up my life and home to a world full of strangers.
  • Married my best mate – I’m pretty god damn lucky to have met this hunky spunk (insert pic of wedding)
  • Quit my job! And I had a bloody good job as a Community Relations Executive, but it was time to a new direction in life.
  • Sold my first home – sad to see it go but a house is just a house.
  • Started my first business! Cairns first Hypoxi studio – updates to come, can’t wait to show you the organic, raw material interior design we have planned for the studio fit-out.
  • Last but not least….I got preggas. Yep I’m getting fat, getting sick and watching my body turn into an alien over a 9month period.

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