Stuff Nobody Tells You Before You Get Knocked Up

Google is my pregnancy library.  I literally google everything.

Google knows me so well now that even when I play Pandora music it stops to give me breast feeding advertisements.  Cheers googes.

I thought it would be amusing to write down some of the questions I have typed into google over the last 8months…I’m sure a lot of you have asked these questions (well I hope or I’m the weirdo)….

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North Queensland’s own Reno Rumble

At 32 weeks pregnant I finally got around to getting bubs room ready. I teamed up with ex channel 9 Block contestant, Jesse Mountford to deck out little Wrights nursery. Across the border in Townsville, Jesse owns a Mum & Bub lifestyle boutique store called My Handsome and does online orders for Cairns residents.

I chose a colour pallet of white, aqua, black and grey to fit in with the relaxed beachside decor in the rest of our home in cairns. Styling on a budget, I also turned to gumtree, Super Amart and Target for a few key pieces like the baby cot, change table and drawers. I also got some great (and cheap!) baby clothes from BIG W.

Here are my tips when styling a bubs room:
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