My Fave Finds

Apart from my hubby my absolute favorite things in life (things I can’t live without) include the following:

  • Pink lippy: during the filming of House Rules I was lucky enough to be able to hook up with an awesome Aussie company that produces natural mineral make up to produce a pink lipstick.I often get asked what lippy I use and this is it…it was a limited edition lippy but Be Coyote have kindly produced some more for anyone that is keen to purchase.

pink lippy pic and blog profile pic

  • A bloody good Chest of bedroom drawers.We are currently renting and there isn’t enough wardrobe space (well unless you’re a Kardashian, there really is never enough, right!) but my favorite piece of furniture in the entire house is a 3 drawer bedroom chest.  Drawer 1 is for jocks and socks, drawer 2 is for workout clothes and drawer 3 is for pj’s.  All of my essentials and most used clothes.  My chest of drawers is from Freedom Furniture (pic below).

chest drawers

  • Just discovered this little beauty – Go-To Face Hero ( My skin has been terrible during pregnancy so I thought I’d try something new and it not only smells ridiculously delicious but it’s helping my skin immensely. I use it on my face and neck before bed.

go to face hero1

  • I know this isn’t the most world breaking ‘find’ but it’s something I am obsessed with: Water – I literally carry a water bottle everywhere I go.I have one in my handbag, beside my bed, in my car, and on my work desk.  I actually get anxiety if I leave the house and forget my water bottle, I have to stop at the nearest servo.
  • Two days of using this stud muffin and you’ll be nice and bronzed… this self-tanning moisturizer is awesome and really works: Bondi Sands.

bondi sands

  • My ‘happy colored’ Bonds jocks make me smile everyday. I own most patterns and colours.

bonds jocks

  • My Gypsy Child stretch mark oil…I used to use bio oil but found this stuff has had faster results and is cheaper.  Being pregnant I use this pretty much all over my torso…it really works and doesn’t stain my pjs.
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  1. Jenni
    Jenni says:

    Hey Maddi
    Can you buy the Bondi Sands moisturiser in Cairns? I’ve heard of this product before but haven’t seen it anywhere.


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