a love like no other

When I was in the last few weeks of pregnancy I loved reading blogs and chatting to people about their labour experience.

Each experience is so unique and I was terrified leading up to my D day. Knowing that at any moment you are going to experience one of the most painful things that can happen to a human is a fricken scary thought.

I wanted to try and have a natural birth but was determined to get the epidual.  I went into labour at 3am and remember thinking ‘I think this is it…I thought it would hurt more’…

I woke up and said to my husband Lloyd ‘I think I’m going into labour but don’t rush I’m going to monitor it.’  He said okay and got up to have a shower just in case. As he stepped in the shower my waters broke all over the bathroom floor. Ah yep this is it. I immediately started having intense contractions about 5 minutes apart.

We jumped in the car;  I was in my dressing gown and remember thinking, shit I look like a dirty homeless woman and this is the face my kid is going to first see when he pops into the world. We got to the hospital and the midwife greeted us and asked if we had called ahead as most first labours take over 14hours so they want to make sure you are closer to the end before you come into hospital.  I looked at her with major evils and said this kid is coming now get me into a bed.

By the time I’d got into the birthing suite I was 6cm dilated and contractions were 4min apart. I remember thinking this is not what is supposed to happen….all the baby books said it would take hours to get to this stage and my body would slowly ease into contractions.

They were coming thick and fast and it was excruciating.  I looked at the midwife and was dead serious when I asked if I would be done in the next 2 pushes because otherwise I’m going home this was all too hard and intense. The midwife and my hubby laughed.

1.5hours later and after multiple demands for the epidural I had no time for any pain relief. … this kid was coming. Thanks to my husbands genes my beautiful babies head was quite large so the doc had to cut me to get him out.  Carter finally came into the world bloody and alert at 6:15am.  He was placed on my chest and just quietly stared up at us.

It was mind blowing.

Meanwhile….something that they don’t show in the movies…I still had to deliver the placenta which is about the size of the baby. This needs to happen immediately after birth or you lose blood. My placenta was playing hard ball and the doc turned to me and said if this doesn’t come out soon we have to put you in theater and deliver it in surgery.  My body must have heard that and went straight into more contractions which were just as painful as delivering Carter.  A few minute later the placenta is born.
 I lost about a litre of blood and that became noticeable after fainting 4 times while the nurses tried to take me from the birthing suite to my room. But no matter how ridiculously painful and terrifying that experience was it was all worth it to have this little critter to love and smooch everyday.
A love like no other xx.
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  1. Nicola
    Nicola says:

    Hey Maddi,
    Wow reading your birth story is like reading my first born sons birth story! Every detail was almost exactly the same (apart from the time of day!) all details incl losing so much blood and nearly fainting after delivery, demanding an epidural but not having time for one and funnily enough my son is named Carter also! Very very strange 🙂 I’m also a friend of one of your friends – Michelle Steenson! Congratulations and welcome to motherhood, he’s a gorgeous little man, enjoy this special time while he is so young as they grow up far to quickly, my carter is now 4, although I remember his birth like it was yesterday, what an empowering experience it is, power to you! X Nicola

  2. Crystal
    Crystal says:

    Omg. Thank you!! Finally a celeb is honest about the pain, craziness (I demanded they cut me open and take out my 2nd baby and when they refused told them they didn’t no what they were doing lol) and everything else that goes with labour.

  3. Elise
    Elise says:

    My labours were like this as well…I had no time for pain relief and there was.no gradual build up! Bam, contacting were close together and extremely painful and before I could get my head around what was happening, my little bub’s were born!

    Hope these first few weeks of being a mama are treating you kindly xoxo

  4. Emmalene Mcdonnell
    Emmalene Mcdonnell says:

    Congrats he is adorable, I recently gave birth at a beautiful baby girl Jada on the 31/7/15 (third) and have a very similar photo still on a high but thought I had this breast feeding down pat and then bam I don’t think she’s getting enough milk as she’s some times feeding on and off for 4 to 6 hours. She is putting on the weight though and so beautiful I could stay at her all day. Anyways Good luck and all the best ❤️

  5. Tahlya O'Neill
    Tahlya O'Neill says:

    My sister has had two beautiful baby daughters; one is now just over two and the other one is just over a month. For both births they were natural and no pain relief either. The first one, Dakota, she was a natural breach because the doctor could somehow not distinguish between a bum and the head and was too far into birth obviously to have a c-section. She then went into active labour with Monique which lasted a little over an hour and swears that was more painful than her natural breach. This just proves every birth is different and takes a different toll level. But it is good to hear you and bub are all good now 🙂

  6. Kerri Mullings
    Kerri Mullings says:

    Your Story sounds very similar to my second childs delivery NO TIME FOR PAIN RELIEF OR ANYTHING AHH LOL ! My first child’s delivery was a text book delivery it was actually weird to go through every step just like the books say lol but my second delivery started how my first ended INSTANT PAIN! I went into labour as soon as i laid down to go to sleep it was 10.45pm and my belly contracted so HARD it scared me ? i got up and went straight for shower for hot water to ease the pain after about 45min i couldnt wait anymore the contractions were 3mins apart we were out of there and our way to hospital instantly!! i nearly had her in my car my partner dropped me off at emergency where a midwife was waiting for me with a wheel chair we went from emergency to birth suite i got on bed and said please dont give me an internal coz they hurt the midwife lifted my nighty and laughed and said there is no need her head is already out ? my partner then walked through the door and i pushed and she was out !! She was born at 12.45am no pain relief no nothing!! So to go from a text book labour with my first that lasted approx 17 hours from my first show to him being in my arms with all the lovely pain relief i wanted to a 2 hour labour with not even gas was a bit of a difference lol I LOVE LABOUR STORIES THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE IN EVERY WAY ? Your son is simply gorgeous ?

  7. Tania
    Tania says:

    Hi Maddi!
    I know what you mean. I was expecting a long labour with my 1st baby. But I was very surprised when my daughter arrived only 6 hours after my 1st contraction.
    But my son (2nd baby) was the biggest shock. He was in a hurry for cuddles. He arrived after a very quick 45 minute labour. That is 45 minutes after my very 1st little contraction.
    Thank goodness we have completed our family now. I don’t think I want to go through another super fast delivery!

  8. Cara
    Cara says:

    I’m a tad jealous of your 3hr labour! I was having braxton hicks contractions for 30 hours before I realised I was actually in labour. Ten hours after that my water was broken, then six hours after that my little Lucy was born (after a very long 2 and a half hours of pushing!). Although my labour was long I ran out of time for an epidural too. But I am so proud of myself for being able to get through it. Every mum should high five themselves for going through labour. It was the hardest but best thing I ever did, but I won’t be rushing back to do it again any time soon.

  9. Sue
    Sue says:

    Hi Maddi. Congratulations to you both on your adorable baby boy, Carter. You did extremely well and was very lucky with such a fast labour. My first was born 30 years ago and that day is still as vivid as ever. It is something I will never forget and I know that your day will stay just as vivid for you also. It is the most amazing thing ever and we who are lucky enough to experience this know how special it is. You will be a wonderful Mummy and it is just the beginning of a lifetime of Love. Enjoy and feel very proud of yourself. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help.
    All the very best to both you and Lloyd and your beautiful son, Carter.
    Cheers, Sue. x


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