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Last night I broke down and said to my husband that I feel ‘worthless.’

I’m 29, I have two businesses, am building a new house, have a healthy and happy 6 month old baby and a supportive husband BUT I still feel worthless.

It’s those days when it’s just me and bub at home ALL day; I haven’t been able to wash or brush my teeth or do my make up or socialise with any other human being but this little ball of goodness.

It’s those days that I feel worthless.

It’s those days that I look back and think I used to have a great job in the corporate world where I was respected, well dressed and felt WORTH.

So why do I, as a mum, business owner and wife, feel worthless when I have more than I have ever had?!

I feel there’s this stigma around mums that stay home and look after bub. I have grown up with the phrase “oh you’re a stay at home mum” (raised eyebrows), “so do you do anything else?” The sad fact is before I had my own baby I was one of those people that judged stay-at-home mums. I was the eyebrow raiser that secretly scoffed ‘as if you can’t look after your kid and do work!?’

Now, I salute mums and take my hat off to mums that not only have raised one but multiple bubs. I would love to have another and from week to week I say to my husband ‘let’s try for another’…then another day rolls around and I have had 3 hours sleep and I say, ‘maybe one is enough.’

We are not worthless, in fact the opposite, we have a little human looking up to us to learn how to be a big human. That’s pretty god damn cool.

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