Mum Moments

Last night I broke down and said to my husband that I feel ‘worthless.’

I’m 29, I have two businesses, am building a new house, have a healthy and happy 6 month old baby and a supportive husband BUT I still feel worthless.

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Boobs and Bot

A few people have asked me about my breastfeeding experience.  As a first-time mum, I went into this thinking ‘how hard can it be?! Don’t you just put the kid on your nip and bobs-your-uncle?!” haha oh how I was SO wrong.  Breastfeeding is one of the hardest things, physically and mentally, that I have had to do. For some women, it is lovely and without many problems, but for me it was horrible, hard, and hurtful.

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F*ck We’re Lucky

7 weeks ago I gave birth to our little boy Carter.
It was and is the most surreal feeling ever.  It’s been a really hard 7weeks with the poor bugger and us trying to figure out his tummy problems but what’s been incredibly easy is loving him.

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a love like no other

When I was in the last few weeks of pregnancy I loved reading blogs and chatting to people about their labour experience.

Each experience is so unique and I was terrified leading up to my D day. Knowing that at any moment you are going to experience one of the most painful things that can happen to a human is a fricken scary thought.

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Teeny tips for new born bubs

I’m counting down the days until this chubby wubby bub pops out and it feels like the days are getting longer. Nearly every day I have someone say to me ‘better enjoy your sleep now while you still can,’ and it actually makes me roll my eyes.

I’ve put on 17kg, I have the bladder a size of a marble and extreme Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction…oh and this chubsta has started waking me up for milo at midnight every night – so sleep is not something I have been getting (or looking forward to) for the last 4 weeks.
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My Fave Finds

Apart from my hubby my absolute favorite things in life (things I can’t live without) include the following:

  • Pink lippy: during the filming of House Rules I was lucky enough to be able to hook up with an awesome Aussie company that produces natural mineral make up to produce a pink lipstick.I often get asked what lippy I use and this is it…it was a limited edition lippy but Be Coyote have kindly produced some more for anyone that is keen to purchase.

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